Welcome to The Verse Project!

The Verse Project is dedicated to working with students and teachers to help establish a lifelong interest in poetry and the literary arts. Our program helps students learn to love words and increases literacy. We help them explore their own unique voice and how it can be used in poetry.

The Edmonton Poetry Festival, Poets in The School Program, was established in 2006 and until now was available only during the poetry festival week. Each festival week we host roughly 15 poetry workshops, bringing poetry to nearly 500 students per year. That’s approximately 3500 students who have been engaged in poetry since we began. It is time to expand and offer this program to those students who have been unable to access it during festival week. Teachers have asked us to provide workshops at other times of the year to fit with their curriculum needs.

Now named the Edmonton Poetry Festival Verse Project, we are committed to bringing Edmonton City Schools a year-round poetry workshop program beginning October 2013. Our poets run workshops, give performances and engage with youth on “their” level. We want to help your students fall in love with language.

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Download our brochure which covers the specifics of cost, and what we can offer you and your students.

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After you’ve perused the information, you’re ready to book a poet. Download our registration sheet and follow the instructions. Thanks for participating in The Verse Project!

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