Call for Poet Submissions!

Last year, the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society launched The Verse Project – an ambitious endeavour wherein we sent local poets to Edmonton-area schools to help students develop a lifelong interest in literature. We are committed to making The Verse Project better. Along with helpful discussions with those running successful programs in other cities, we’ve taken our past year of experience with the program and decided to make some changes.

We aim to create a roster of 10 feature poets, spanning a range of genres. Each of these poets will be showcased on our website with a photo, biography, and details of their poetic experience. We want to be transparent, so we are asking interested poets to submit (or, in some cases, re-submit) their CVs to The Edmonton Poetry Festival. Our Verse Project committee will choose the final ten poets.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in becoming a featured Verse Project Poet, please send us a writing CV that includes the following:

  • Writing History
  • Bio
  • Age of students and classrooms preferred
  • Any experience teaching in classrooms
  • Links to websites or reviews of your work; YouTube videos
  • Areas where you feel your poetry will intersect with curriculum
  • References
  • Genre of work – i.e. spoken word, traditional page poetry, sound poetry, children’s poetry, etc.

The Verse Project launched as a year-round program in September 2013. It has experienced a gentle, measured build and we are excited to introduce the program in more schools. We do more than stage an annual festival! We cannot guarantee our Verse Project poets a specific number of school visits per year, but we know that the program creates opportunities for engagement and that it is an exciting way to share the love we all feel for poetry. We pay $150.00 for each one-hour school visit.

Submission Info

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

The new Verse Project roster launches on September 30th.

Thank you,
Rayanne Doucet, Festival Director