Welcome to Poetry Moves in Schools, The Edmonton Poetry Festival’s year-round School program. We aim to get poets into local Schools to help teachers inspire in students a life-long interest in poetry and literature. We help students explore their own unique voices, and how they can be used in poetry. Our poets have staged in-class workshops for 3500+ students to date, at every grade level. Our visiting poets are published, seasoned authors and performers who posses a range of expertise and experience. From hip hop and spoken word, to blues and avante garde, to traditional lyrical verse, we’ve got the poetic bases covered. Educators, let us help you make poetry and words a permanent part of your student’s lives.

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How It Works

  1. You choose the date, time, and the poet(s) you’d like to work with.
  2. Before the visit, you’ll work with that poet to plan an enjoyable and educational session for your students. The typical class visit involves a short performance followed by some writing exercises.
  3. Our poet visits your classroom and ignites a love for poetry in your students.
  4. Post-visit, you fill out a survey to let us know how it went, and what we can do to improve.
  5. The cost is $150 per poet, for a single class or block, payable by cheque upon the poet’s visit to your classroom. Alternate payment arrangements can be made. Drop us a line, we’d love to work with you.

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A visit from a live, practicing poet tells your students that poetry isn’t just fancy words and rhyming sonnets written by Shakespeare (don’t get us wrong – Shakespearean sonnets are pretty great). It’s a living, breathing art that comes in many forms and is practiced in all cultures. Book a poet now, and get some verse in your class.

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Need More Info?

Still not sure? Looking for more information? We have you covered. You can download our Poetry Moves in Schools explainer PDF here. That’ll give you a soup-to-nuts rundown of the program, how it came to be, and a bit more on how it works.