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The Poetry Route Glides Into Winter

New winter-themed poetry can be found on Edmonton Transit buses! The latest round of bus poems features work from Edmonton-area students and will be displayed in ETS buses and LRT cars through mid-March. Details here →

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It's Time to Move

March 04, 2015

Edmonton Poetry Festival 2015

Ah, yes. Early mornings. All the things you’ve come to appreciate in your sleep drop away as the minutes creep closer to 7am. Coffee awaits somewhere out there. You might crack a book instead of checking email. The dog is still curled in its bed; the cat elsewhere. You’ve been attentive to time and light since mid-February, when the early hours suddenly became bright. Mornings get easier from here on in. The first week of March is to be savoured, for daylight savings time – an annual curse – is just around the corner. Cruel to lose an hour when hope is elusive you say. It’s time to re-read Jane Kenyon and be assured that everything moves. It’s time to put away Wendell Berry and leave snow out of the picture. Your morning, thick with all you cling to.

Poets and fans of poetry, it’s time to move. April 19 – 26, 2015 Poetry Moves in Edmonton. The Edmonton Poetry Festival is pleased to announce its 2015 schedule and author lineup:

Wowza! That’s heckuva show. A whopping 32 events. No less than 46 authors. We’ve crafted a diverse offering featuring poets of all stripes in shows that range from the quiet and contemplative to the beautifully visceral and furious. Some of these events are ticketed affairs, and we recommend that you pick up your tix early to avoid disappointment. Check the schedule for those events, they’re marked as such.

Keep in mind that members of the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society pay less for event tickets. You’ll save at least $5 off the regular door charge. That’s a Venti latte! Or 2.5 double-doubles! Don’t have a membership?

Join the EPF Society for $15 →

Ok, that’s enough of a hard sell. You know that the 2015 fest will rock, and you should start making plans to attend. In the coming weeks, we’ll be profiling a few of our headline authors, so stay tuned.

Poetry Moves, #yeg!

It's Membership Season 2015

January 06, 2015

Membership Banner 2014

You will be sweeping pine needles until the snow breaks. Such is the price of having a real tree, an extravagance that gets more delightful and difficult to justify as the years roll on. You removed it via the front door, in order to avoid spreading more needles throughout the house. Sometime in May, when you finally decide to vacuum under the couch (thrice annually, since that year…you remember the one), you will find a cache of faded green slivers. You’ll break one in half and bring it to your mouth and feign surprise at the tart but fresh pine taste. You’ll spend a few moments in a gentle drift…caught somewhere between snow and new garden soil. Every year you say this will be the last one spent here, and every year you buy a new bottle of merlot for the cold room. A poultice of pine, flannel, and vanilla may get you through a January evening. February’s cold sun remains distant.


It’s January. Happy New Year! It’s also Poetry Festival membership season! That’s right, it’s time to renew your vows to the Festival. $15 keeps you in business, and gets you discounts at certain festival events. By the way, in 2015 the festival runs from April 19 – 26. No schedule yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Hope you’re having a great 2015!

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"Urban Wildlife" Bus Poem Winners

January 06, 2015

Back in the fall, we asked for submissions for a new round of bus poems on the theme of “Urban Wildlife”. We received a stack of submissions! Thanks to all who graciously offered their words. We are pleased to announce the winners of this round of The Poetry Route:

Myrna GaranisRevising the Magpie
Don PerkinsCanada Goose at City Centre
Trudy GrienauerRossdale, April
Marco MelfiPigeon pen pals

You can read the poems here, if you’re so inclined. All are exquisite in their gaze toward the creatures with whom we share our fair city.

We at PoFest Central hope you are enjoying the season, despite its frigid nature. We send you warmth, peace, and light.

BYOV Opportunity for the EPF 2015

December 03, 2014

Poetry Festival banner

You were wrong. That “X” you placed on the calendar after a night of peppermint schnapps and orange juice – intended to predict the season’s first real snow – was out by three weeks. This knocks three weeks from the season, you reason, and you wonder if this prediction wasn’t a lame trick you tried to play on yourself. A weak dodge, but yours to sit with. Your Christmas rooibos has arrived, and it is delicious. The LL Bean catalog has been relegated to firestarter for the eighth year in a row. The mall santa sits in wait, red-nosed and patient. The aluminum shovel, found on the roadside last year, has developed a razor edge. It could slice a grizzly if need be. It has scarred the front walk, damaged the back deck, and once, scissored your mitten open to the hand below. Another few millimetres, and you’d have ended up with stitches. While out shovelling you enter a reverie that stirs from rhythmic scraping and visible expiration. You bring your good mitt to your nose. The faint smell of gasoline reminds you that Christmas is the best kind of codswallop, and that your snowblower, bless its aged motor, is patient enough for your bravado.


BYOV Venue Submissions – Deadline December 10.

There is never enough time, space, or money to showcase all the incredibly talented poets we have in this city. This year, we invite local poets to submit events to be part of the Festival.

Sunday April 19th has been set aside as the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s “Bring Your Own Venue” day. We are accepting inquiries of interest for local poets who want to showcase at the festival, deadline December 10th.

Up to six events will be presented on our opening day and they will be all yours. Tell us your idea and let’s work to make it happen. Much like other BYOVs, you will be responsible for finding your own venue and paying your artists. We help market your event, you’ll be on our official schedule and in the program. We will work with you to help organize the details and keep the dates on track.

*Note that this opportunity is for Local Poets/Groups only.

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